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Turn your stage fright and limiting beliefs into authentic expression and standing ovations!

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    Elise Besler

    Voice and Confidence Coach


    HI! I'm Elise Besler,

    Veteran Voice, Confidence and Authenticity Coach.

    For 20+ years I've coached artists, entrepreneurs and professionals to reclaim their birthright of authentic expression.

    Fun facts about me:

    ~My clients call me The Stage Fright Whisperer

    ~I LOVE Ru Paul's Drag Race (ya better WERK!)

    ~My fave pastime: Sipping Chardonnay and Smashing The Patriarchy.

    Who is this work for?

    • People who are ready to up level your embodied voice confidence.
    • Professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives ready to express yourself with airtight authenticity.
    • Folks ready to speak truth in moments of challenge.
    • Anyone ready to overcome stage fright.
    • To trust your voice and body connection.
    • To affirm how you wish to show up in the world.
    • To have a strong confident voice, no matter how you choose to use it.